Residential Products

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Water Heaters — Because no one wants a cold shower.

Humidifiers — Whole house humidifiers, perfect for those winters free from itchy skin and dry eyes and sinuses.

Dehumidifiers — House too humid? Stifle that thickness with a home de-humidifier – far superior to small room dehumidifiers which might dry out one area too much and other areas not enough. These cover the whole home!

Furnaces — The true heart of your home.

Central Air Conditioners — Relieve yourself from those summer sweats!

Air Exchanger/Air Quality Enhancement — Is the air quality in your home up to snuff? Does your home feel stuffy or smell musty? Improve the air you and your family breathe every day and while you sleep – a critical consideration of a healthy home!

Cost of Replacement versus Repair Estimation Helper — Use the cost estimation helper defined in here to help you determine whether it is time for you to repair or replace that old equipment. Yes, there is a clear answer you can get!